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Youth Acting Biz, located in the NoHo Arts District of Los Angeles, is a professional training ground for young actors ages 4 to Legal 18.

Classes based in Improv technique are the core of the program. Students are offered a wide array of instruction in Sitcom, Commercial, Comedic Acting and Movement for the Actor training. In addition, parents learn the fundamentals of the ever-changing business of showbusiness from headshots to contracts, agents to managers.

Youth Acting Biz works with the individual child, tween, teenager, to create their own brand through being a real-life natural kid. Youth Acting Biz is also one of the only programs that has classes for LEGAL 18 Actors (those who can play younger but legally 18). This program trains actors ages 16-25 on the specific issues that come with being an actor who can play older or younger. It also helps those transitioning from being child actors.

Youth Acting Biz prides itself on providing clients with real-world knowledge of the business of show business. From time to time, Youth Acting Biz is fortunate to have, as part of their instructor pool, working actors, writers, directors, and more.

Our Program Director, Mary Kennedy, is a professional actress (SHAMELESS, CONAN, ER) and has been an LAUSD certified substitute teacher for over ten years. She holds a BFA in Theatre Ed. from Emerson College and a Professional Certificate in Stage Management from the Juilliard School Intern Program.
Youth Acting Biz DLSE Number: CPS-LR-1000385032

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